Crook and Winster

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Planning Applications



7/2019/5470 7/2019/5569





Planning Reference: 7/2019/5470  (Full Planning application)


Proposal: Replacement of existing septic tank with a package treatment plant and associated foul and rainwater drainage


Progress: Valid Application


Case Officer: Chris Kempster


Registration Date: 19-Jul-2019


Location: 4 Sunny Point Cottages, Crook, Kendal, LA8 8LB

Planning Reference: 7/2019/5376  (Major full application)


Proposal: Five new stand alone Hotel accommodation suites, new administration block, staff residential accommodation block and the relocation of the Biomass, removal of 5 caravans


Progress: Valid Application


Case Officer: Holly Robinson


Registration Date: 11-Jul-2019


Location: Gilpin Lodge, Crook Road, Windermere, Cumbria, LA23 3NE

Planning Reference: 7/2019/5569  (Confirmation of compliance with condition attached to planning permission)


Proposal: Approval of details reserved by conditions on planning approval 7/2018/5541: Condition no. 5 (construction details of vehicular access track); condition no. 6 (paint colour of doors, windows and associated framework) and condition no. 7 (landscaping details and boundary treatments) - Conversion of a former dwelling to one dwelling with a local occupancy clause and change of use of a barn to a garage, storage and recreational use associated with the dwelling


Progress: Valid Application


Case Officer: Catherine Campbell


Registration Date: 11-Sep-2019


Location: Birk Moss, Crook, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 8LR





Approved with Conditions


Approved with Conditions